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Celebrating National Police Week

In honor of National Police Week and in gratitude to all police officers for their dedication and sacrifice, Cetrix Store is offering a 5% discount on all our products during the month of May.

Our Products

Are Here to Protect You

Take advantage of our offer and protect yourself and your loved ones with our high-quality products:

Disposable Gloves

Protect yourself with our high-quality gloves, ideal for daily and professional use.

Disposable Masks

Stay safe with our reliable masks that offer protection against particles and pathogens


Protect yourself with our disposable gowns, designed to provide effective barrier protection in clinical and laboratory settings

Hand Sanitizer Gel

Keep your hands clean and disinfected with our effective and safe hand sanitizer gel.

Air Purifiers

Breathe clean air with our Medify air purifiers, perfect for maintaining a healthy environment at home or work.

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Honoring Our Heroes

At Cetrix Store, we are honored to support our brave police officers who tirelessly work to keep us safe.

We know that their sacrifice and dedication are invaluable, and we want to show our gratitude in the best way we can: by offering high-quality products that protect our customers and their loved ones.

Through this special promotion, we hope to contribute to the safety and well-being of our community, in honor of those who risk their lives every day.


Visit Cetrix Store and take advantage of your discount today. 

Thank you for supporting our heroes!

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